Web & Social Media

For 8 years I managed content and text for big & small businesses in Italy, starting from WP and finishing with Facebook, creating visual and readable contents before many companies started doing this.

Some of my collaborations included:

Hair Design i Parrucchieri (VE), Zetalinea srl (RO), Think Comics (VR), Paganì Antichi Sapori (BG), Parco Avventura Monte Alben (BG), Aangstrom srl (RO), Pianuranews.TV (PD), Provincia di Verona Turismo (VR), SmartComiX (Italia-Praga), Deborah Pavanello Naturopata (MI), Elio Occhipinti Psicoterapeuta (MI), CasaCosì (PD), Castello di Bevilacqua (VR), QuestiBimbi (PD).